Designaspects of the Heliumdetector L500i

The product line of Phoenix leak detectors were determined by a modular case concept

The chosen concepts convey the impression of a high tech product therefore being coherent with the brand image of the manufacturer. The style of the housing is the baseline for a complete new comprehensive formal language. It is defined by a clear, reduced simple form that receives character by proportional cuts and their intersections. The mechanical and formal structure of the housing is modular and offers the possibility to generate housings of different sizes for additional products.

The hugh radii at the edges support the movement in small operating areas and reduce the amount of weldseams. Seams in the metal surface integrate a drawer. The handle offers a good maneuverability, in the same time being inside the contour of the housing not disturbing while usage. Selfexplaining operating elements were chosen under ergonomic aspects, optimized and positioned.

The main unit can be used without the remote tablet belonging to the delivery content.

The user interface ensures a intuitive, secure and simple handling of the leak detector.It is also aiming to support and extend the brand image of the manufacturer. The innovative, individual and ergonomic concept in combination with the intuitive options of touchscreen technology initiate a complete new range of high-tech products and their handling.