Formal aspects of the Phoenix leak detector

The productline of Phoenix leak detectors are determined by a modular case concept. The three part plastic case is composed of a chassis and two cover bonnets.

The structure of the chassis subdivides the core of the case into two parts. The front part hosts electronic components and the back part the mechanical vacuum components. The three versions of the productline are characterized  by different heights due to different technical performance levels in the prevacuum section. The upper part of the case with the user interface and depositions stays identical in all versions.

The partition of the hexagonal case visualizes the subdivision of electronic and mechanical parts and provides two seperate workspaces. The user interface and the connector and deposition area are formally supported by the side shape. The turnovers in the case reduce the volume visually. The case broadering to the bottom

visualizes solidity and announces the needed space for bigger versions. A modern, timeless product character has been developed, meeting the requirements of a long lifecycle and communicating the precision of the underlying engineering.