Design concept of the Micro PLC

Compact control systems were used in a small installation space.

An unclear overall image interferes service operations.Visual reduction and clear communication achieve improvements in this situation. With the definition of two levels of perception it becomes possible to reorganize visual communication. On the first level the main interface is determined on the front sides. Everything necessary for operation is placed here. The second level of perception includes the connectors on the top and bottom sides. To reduce visual complexity the new developed connectors are positioned concisely. On this level you still find  the standard LED-signal of every single wire. This information is divergently from standard systems focussed in one signal on the front side. As a consequence a clear general appearance with a precise communication is created.

The formal language and the color scheme communicate the technical content. In the lightgrey main modul the processor is integrated and this controls the darkgrey Moduls. The slenderizing structure on the front visualizes the flow of information. The radius on the front gives a formal hint to the assembling on the system rail in the back. The angled edges of the housing there deliver access to the clamps and coincidentally hiding them visually in the general appearance. The formal character is valuable and unique and reflects emphases of the business culture.