Design concept of the V1000 MMD

The design concept of the V1000 MMD was determined by the assembly situation.

The converter is mounted on a motor in the standard version. It is also possible to run it areally independent from the motor both in horizontal and vertical position.  For the formal structure of the housing special requirements occur for the position of the interface.

The interface starts on top of the housing and moves through the arcuate cover to the vertical front side to ensure best usability independent from the installation circumstances. The circular signal as a central element for communication indicates different operating conditions also from a distance. Both lateral surfaces include identical connectors to increase flexibility for the assembling.

The surfaces are bent for a formal integration with the motor as well as the hugh radius of the top cover delivers the connection with the cylindrical motor housing. The smooth structured surfaces enhance the cleaning and durability. The individual general appearance of the converter is innovative, valuable and thus communicates goals of the business culture of the manufacturer.