Formal aspects of the UL3000 Fab

The challenge for the formal concept of the UL3000 Fab was the balance between good maneuverability in limited spaces, better ergonomics with a higher position of the worktop in comparison to the previous model, and making this slim and high silhouette stable.

A formal independent chassis offers the opportunity to place the front roles outside the body with perfect access to the locking mechanism. The danger of tipping over is reduced. The case volume which is getting thicker to the back and to the top is closed by generous side panels offering perfect access for maintenance. The distincive worktop getting smaller to the top completes the formal concept. It provides a slim effect for the whole body, increases the overview and is focussing the user interface through it’s geometry. Generous roundings on the edges reduce the risk of injury and integrate the handle in the front.

The synergy of closing and opening surfaces in combination with the distinctive horizontal cut create a unique appearance with an excellent formal identification.