Focus Open

Focus open 2020

The Gecko 200 – rewarded with the Focus Open 2020.
Since 1991 the international design award „Focus Open“ stands for Innovation, courage and fresh ideas! On October the 16th. of 2020 the Jury of the Design Center Baden-Württemberg in the regional authority of Stuttgart honored products of this quality. The binder Gecko 200 designed by bunse05 convinced in the category investment goods and tools.

The Gecko 200 combines technical innovation with an unpretentious, transparent style

The binder offers a sustainable and accelerated production of books with an automatic workflow. With the help of Riblers unique adhesive technology up to 200 books can be bound ecofriendly per hour, when books are opened the single pages are lying flat next to each other and books are durable even with a 360 degree opening.

Simple design describes complex technology

In respect of style the transparent front cover offers an excellent overview of all production stages and helps to minimize service time and failure time. The working height is ergonomically optimized and an easy access to all areas is ensured by hugh sliding doors opened upwards. The arc-shaped front supports the ergonomic aspects, the input-output areas are distinctly marked and protected by light barriers.

The labeling and the color code support the corporate identity of the manufacturer and embody the business philosophy: ecofriendly and energy saving.