Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Lectureship at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

Since the summer semester of 2023, Christian Bunse‘s field of activity has expanded. In addition to his self-employment, he now also works as a lecturer at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences. There he has a teaching assignment for the lecture “Design Theory“, which takes place within the framework of the Interior Design course. In addition to scientific and artistic methods, students in this course also acquire craft and design skills in the field of tension between object and space. He is looking forward to his new role and the opportunity to teach students methods, strategies, research and analysis on the concept of design.

The University of Applied Sciences was reestablished in 1996 as an independent institution with three departments (Department of Technology, Department of Design, Department of Business). On September 1, 2014, the University of Applied Sciences changed its name to Mainz University of Applied Sciences, but it still has the status of a university of applied sciences. Around 5000 students are enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences.

Short study times, international training courses and practical relevance – these are the hallmarks of the University of Applied Sciences. Common to all fields of study is the application-oriented education provided by the university, which maintains excellent contacts with regional industry and public institutions.